Our Logic Model at Piers Park Sailing Center

We measure impact at Piers Park Sailing Center.  Our continuum of mentorship and community engagement provide youth and adults with a safe and team oriented environment to grow and achieve.  Piers Park Sailing Center participates in the Wellesley College National Institute on Out-of-School Time’s Assessment Observation Tool (APT-O) to drive effective progression in program development.






What do we invest in our programs?

  • Staff, many of whom learned to sail in our programs
  • Volunteers committed to our mission
  • Equipment that is adapted for all levels of mobility
  • Funds, provided by donations, foundation support, and sponsorship
What do we do?

  • Inclusive youth development
  • Adaptive programming for people of all abilities
  • Adult learn-to-sail programming
  • Veterans and senior programming
  • Community outreach, nonprofit partnership
  • After-school educational programming
What are the results in numbers?

  • Teach 1,100 youth how to sail every year
  • Empower 300 persons with disabilities to skipper a boat on Boston Harbor
  • Therapeutically process  traumatic stress on Boston Harbor for more than 150 veterans
 What are the results experienced?

  • Improved self esteem
  • Improved empathy and sense of community
  • Stronger connection to others
  • Broadened understanding of environment and ecology
  • Sailing as a sport becomes more accessible, inclusive, and diverse
 What is the ultimate benefit?

  • Social: Empowered people with broadened perspectives as a result of our programming.
  • Civic: Strengthened commitment to the local community.
  • Environmental: New advocates for a healthier environment.
  • Leadership: Our students join our Future Leader program, our Future Leaders become Instructors, our Instructors become stewards of a connected community.